2008 Paris Auto Show: Most Significant Debuts

From fuel efficiency for the masses to fabulous exotics for the few, the highlights from this year's Paris show.
By Jared Gall and Steve Siler, Photography by Mike Dushane, Matthias Knoedler, and the manufacturers

As the Michigan skies shed their summer blues and don the dreary gray they’ll wear for the next seven months, there’s one ray of light that pierces our seasonal depression: the beginning of auto-show season. It means a lot of extra work for us, but it’s not like we have anything to do other than hibernate and shovel the driveway.

The auto market is changing fast, and amid the glamour and promised speed of the headline-grabbing debuts are a number of new models that mean more to us, more to the market, and more to their parent companies. It might be because of an important new technology, a new styling direction, or evidence of change aboard the mother ship, but following are the 10 most significant debuts of the first show of this auto-show season, the 2008 Paris show.

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